Rewards Policy

How do I redeem my points?

Your balance and the monetary equivalent of this balance, will be shown to you in the Payment Method area of the checkout. Once you have accumulated enough points you can redeem them at checkout as one of the payment methods or part of it. Points can be used in conjunction with other payment methods such as credit cards, gift cards etc.

How are points earned?

Points are earned with each transaction and 100 points = £1. Points are only earned on the subtotal of your order so it does not include shipping.  *In line with certain promotions more points will be on offer at our discretion. 

Manage your points

You have the ability to view and manage your points inside My Account. From your account you will be able to view your total, redeemed and lost. The history record will retain and display historical rates and currency for informational purposes. The history will also show you comprehensive informational messages regarding including expiration notifications.

How long do my points last for?

Points will expire 365 days after delivery

Additional Notes:

  • Points can be used as store credit in our system only. Redeeming to cash is not allowed.

  • If you return part of your order we can remove points at our discretion

  • Points are taken of the Subtotal, not the grand total

  • You do not get points for VAT

  • Maximum amount of points that can be redeemed at once is £8

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